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2020 Miska Sm-hisu
Am-pitkä ja viestit Keravalla
Tosisuunnistajat hellekelissä
Muokattu:20.6.2021 >>Lue
Omatoimirastit Nikkijärvellä
Muokattu:7.6.2021 >>Lue
Am-kilpailuja kesäkuussa
Keravalla ja Iitissä
Muokattu:4.6.2021 >>Lue

Competition instructions

Director of the competition 	Tuukka Tuomala		0500 469 341 
Standby director Markku Hämäläinen 044 272 1810 
Main course maker Jouni Wallin 040 778 4180 
Results Antti Lepola 040 588 7557 
Supervisor Matti Laitinen, MP 0400 319 023 
Announcer Tuukka Tuomala 0500 469 341 
Chairman of the judge council Mikko Reitti, OK Orient 044 5805 455 
The competition uses the rules of SSL and the arrangers instructions. 
The map 
The competition map is a 6-coloured, with a scale of 1:10 000, contour line 5m and printed 5/2008, in the inspection series the scale is 1:15 000, contour line 5m printed 5/2008. All series use a printed map. The maps are in a plastic case. The competition map can be seen at the start. 
Series, course lengths and starts
Serie  Course length  Nr of controls  Start nr 
H21A 10,5 km 19 1 
H21AL 5,7 km 12 1  
H21C 3,1 km 8 2 
H35 7,9 km 16 1  
H40 7,9 km 16 1  
H45 7,0 km 14 1  
H50 5,7 km 12 1  
H55 5,5 km 10 1  
H60 5,4 km 11 1  
H65 4,3 km 10 1  
H70 2,8 km 7 2  
H75 2,5 km 6 2  
H80 2,5 km 6 2  
H20E 9,9 km 16 1  
H20 7,9 km 16 1  
H18 5,7 km 12 1  
H16 3,8 km 8 1  
H14 2,2 km 7 2  
H12 1,8 km 6 2  
H12TR 1,5 km 5 2  
H10RR 1,9 km 6 2  
H8RR 1,9 km 6 2  
D21A 7,0 km 14 1  
D21AL 4,3 km 10 1  
D21C 2,5 km 6 2  
D35 5,7 km 12 1  
D40 5,5 km 10 1  
D45 5,4 km 11 1  
D50 3,8 km 8 1  
D55 2,8 km 7 2  
D60 2,5 km 6 2  
D65 2,5 km 6 2  
D70 2,2 km 7 2  
D20E 6,5 km 13 1  
D20 5,5 km 10 1  
D18 3,8 km 8 1  
D16 3,3 km 7 1 
D14 2,2 km 7 2  
D12 1,8 km 6 2  
D12TR 1,5 km 5 2  
D10RR 1,9 km 6 2  
D8RR 1,9 km 6 2  
Avoin 2,2 km 6 2
Distances to the starts 
The guidance to the the starts 1 and 2 go to the same direction. The guidance starts at the guide post. The colours of the guidance can be seen at the guide post. WCs are in terrain conditions when going to the starts. 
Start 1, distance from competition center 1900 m, along a road and path. 
Start 2, distance from competition center 1000 m, along a road 
Competition numbers 
All competitors use a competition number. The numbers are at the start, the numbers of the inspection series are at the startlevel. The numbers aren’t collected at the finish. 
The checking of Emit-numbers  
Check from the result board or the list at the Emit-chekcpoint, that your Emit-number is correct. A incorrect Emit-number must be changed at the information desk. You can not enter the competition with an incorrect Emit-number. 
Borrowing a Emit-card 
The arranger has a rental Emit-card for everyone who haven’t informed the number of their own card. The card is at the information. A rental Emit-card must be returned. In case of a loss of card the charge will be 60 euros.  
The checking of your Emit-cards working 
There is a checking point for Emit-card at the competition center, by the guide post. It is the competitors responsibility to check that his/her Emit-card works properly. If the card works properly, the signal light should flash when holding the card in the device for a few seconds. If the card doesn’t work, get a rental card from the information. 
The start 
There are detached controlmodifier at the start area. There will be no bags for them, or anything to attach them with them. There is also Emit-checking card to be attached to the Emit-card. The inspection series get the control modifiers at the start threshold.  
Before the start the Emit-number is checked. The card will be reseted 3 minutes before the start. You can not enter the competition with an incorrect Emit-number. At the start moment the competitor takes the map from a bucket. The competitor is responsible for taking the right map. 
The special instructions for the 14 years old and younger are later.  
The start threshold for the inspection series and the equipment transport 
The first start for the inspection series is at 10.00. To start (start 1) is 1 900 m along a gravel road. 1 000 m to the start threshold. The start threshold will be closed at 11.00, when the competition numbers will be removed. Only the competitors that go through the start threshold before it is closed, may enter the competition.  
There is a transport for equipment back to the competition center. 
You must have your own plastic bag for the transport, where you write your competition number. The equipment are transported from 300 m after the start threshold at a machine shelter. The shelter is in use during the competition. The equipment bags will be delivered to the guide post. 
The controls 
A model control can be seen in the competition center by the guide post. The model control for the RR-series is at the start. 
The competitor stamps his/her Emit-card at the finish-line. After that (s)he moves to the reading device to be checked that he has been to all the controls. In case of a disqualification suggestion, the competitor moves to the crywall where the subject is been handled. 
After the finish, the competitor can keep the map, but isn’t allowed to show it to another competitor who hasn’t started yet. Those competitors who are not able to finnish the race must inform the arrangers at the finish. 
Split times 
The split times are available at the information from the Emit-card, as a MTR-print. 
For the inspection series, series H21A and D21A and 16 years and younger get their awards by the announces. Others get their awards from the guy who gives them, after the awarded are certain. All in the RR-series will be awarded.  
The awards are given immediately after the results for a series are certain. The number of the awarded in each serie can be seen at the result board.  
Drink control 
The drink control, is on the inspection series, and H/D21A courses. There is also water at the first-aid points. Only water is served.  
Forbidden areas  
It is not allowed to go to yards, field under cultivation (yellow area with black dots in the map) or areas marked with purple colour on the map.  
The showers are in the competition center, in terrain conditions. Guidance from the guide post.  
The WCs of the competition center are inside the shop of Neste Tuuliharja (Gas station). NOTE, DO NOT GO INSIDE WEARING YOUR ORIENTEERING SHOES. When going to the starts, the toilets are in terrain conditions 
First-aid is available in the competition center and at the drinking control in the forest 
Grilled sausages, coffee and buns are sold at the cafeteria. Everything else can be purchased at the Neste Tuuliharja shop and restaurant. 
In the competition center is a free day-care, where is also a activity control-rally.  
Team tents 
The team tents should be put up by the finish-line. 
Equipment shops 
There are 3 orienteering equipment shops: T:mi S. Keltamäki, Helsingin Suunnistajan kauppa and Heli-Sport. 
Waste disposal  
There are thrash cans in the competition center. Please don’t litter the nature.  
Start times 
The start times can be seen at the result board, and in the internet www.rastivarsat.fi/  
Lost and found 
Will be deliveres to the information. After the competition you can ask for lost things at the number 0500 469 341 (english).  
Special instructions for the youth series 
Special instructions for series H/D8RR, H/D10RR, H/D12TR, H/D12, and H/D 14 
In series H/D12TR, H/D12 and H/D14 are available detached control modifiers at the start. The maps don’t have control modifiers. 
Five (5) minutes before the start, the competitor is called to the guidance station, where he/she has a chance to look at the competition map. The maps are placed horizontally and already facing the right way. In the RR- and TR-series the course can be seen.Other series have the K-point marked. There are assistants that will help if needed. 
Four (4) minutes before the start, the competitor moves to the start pen, where his/her Emit-number and the start time is checked.  
Three (3)minutes before the start, the Emit-card is reset.  
Two (2) minutes before the start, the RR-series get their map. A assistant shows the K-point on the map and shows the way to the guidance. For the other series, this is a preparation minute.  
One (1) minute before the start, the RR-series move to the start-line. Others get their map and can look at it.  
The start happens at the K-point, so when you leave, you are in the triangle. 
Special instructions for the RR- and TR-series  
You must be at the start 5 minutes before the start. The maps are in a plastic bag. Tere is a assistant for the RR-series,who helps at putting the map in the right position and gives some final moment tips.  
For the series H/D 8RR, H/D10RR and H/D12TR the course is marked in the forest with a blue-white string. 
A RR-modelcontrol can be seen at the start. All controls have a Emit-device. TR-controls have normal number codes. Check the codes because some controls are close to each other.  
RR-controls have codes like RR1, RR2, RR3 etc. Everyone has the same last control, with the codes RR6 and 125. You can use any of them.  
The finish 
The finish is the same in all series. After the finish is the “story house”.  
Special instructions for the 'kids rallye' 
The start and the finish are in the day-care. The scale is 1:2 000.The length of the course is about 500m along a track.There are 4 activity controls on the course.The course is marked with a white string. An adult may come along.  
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Päivitetty: 22.5.2008
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